Saturday, January 21, 2012

The new kits on the blog....:)

I was working on build of these two models for a while..Finally I finished and made them ready for painting..

First guy I'm going to introduce you is new molded 1/35 Tamiya BT-7.. It was given to me a gift from our local modelling competion. It's nice kit. If you are a fan of Soveit armors I recommend you to get one and build..

Im planing to use this tank in a diorama. Figures I want  to use are from Miniart and Tamiya. Positions of the figures in my mind are like below..One on the turret, the rest two  talking..

Im looking for referance environment photos at the moment..Most probably its going to be a rural environment...

The next guy is 1/35 Ba-64 from Miniart. It's Vision Model molded but Miniart boxed kit. I bought this little one from a model store from Kiev.  Model is good looking  and exterior detail is as real as possible. Unfortunately, interior detail is not enough.Actually no interiror detail :) Just a simple seat for driver and front instrument panel.  Beside no engine detail.. But again I enjoyed very much building.

 Im planing to use this car in a small vingette. I will add two figures.. Wheels attached for just photos..

  Both kits will be painted as green with Color Modulation technic..Keep following...

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