Tuesday, August 28, 2012

kfz 251/1 C, part 3: preperation to diorama

After a little effort on my hanomag, I finished the hull. I like accessories on these vehicles. I added some to front...Maybe add some more to rear..


After the vehicle is ready, I started on working on base. I always wanted to build small Russian village house. I had everything; referance photos, plastic cards  etc.. When I finished it, it built a small house corner, a big fence and a small dog house..

 Size comprasion with 1/48 scale Tamiya soldier..


I added two more figures...One commander as if giving new orders, another grenadier in listing position..Maybe I add one more to inside of the vehicle..

To fill the spaces on the base and also increasing the contrast,  Im planing to add some balsa wood painted using Hair Spray method with different colors...

If you have any idea about accessories to add either on the vehicle or base...Please leave me comment....

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