Tuesday, September 25, 2012

5. FNSS Modelling Competiton

Last weekend, in Ankara, we had our 5. FNSS modelling competition. As usual, it was pleasure to meet again our friends living in Ankara and friends coming to competiton from different cities of Turkey.  I had a chance to join this competition begining from the first. Every year I can honestly say quality of models getting much better.. I want to share you some images from the competiton..

Images from AFV's..

                                                  Attention to Hello Kitty Fuchs... :))



Lady Gaga?  :)  

Some from dioramas...



Some figures..

In this 5th competiton we had also two very talented modellers. One of them is turkish, Özgür Güner living in Germany. You might have seen his perfect models from different magazines and web sites..

The other modeller was world wide famous modeller Adam Wilder. To be honest, Im great fan of Adam's modulations. It was pleasure to meet him in real and see him in work.. Thanks once again joining us and sharing your knowledge with us..

Steel example from the workshop..

Like every year FNSS does, this year there was once again real vehicles demonstrations..It was great pleasure to see examples of the real vehicles which Turkish Army Uses..

I want to thank once again to FNSS and Cem Altınışık for supporting Turkish modellers every year. Special thanks to my friends who were in organizations and thanks also  to other modellers who join the comepetiton with their models..

Hope to see you next year..


  1. awesome meeting. I also plan to meet Adam in 3 weeks in Netherlands.


  2. Thanks Roman. Have good time in Holland and dont forget to add photos to your blog...

    Take care..