Saturday, July 13, 2013

1/72 Wessex Hasp 3

After busy months finally Im back to my models from my new house.

As a returning project I wanted to try something new to me, instead of a AFV or a tank.. When I was searching on internet, I saw perfect looking oldie but goldie looking helicopters.. Especially when I see Wessex Hasp 3 helicopters, I said myself I should build one of them..

The model is as you may understand, Wessex Hasp 3 from Revell. Scale is 1/72.  I can say the quality of the model is below average.  If you have time + patience this model is definetly for you..However, I have to say when it finishes it looks big and nice to eyes.. :)

I painted the model with Revell's suggested enamels from guide. For wheathering I used different tamiya- gunze acrylics and oil colors.. I didnt use some parts of the kit and some decals as well.

After all this unnecessary talk..Some photos..