Friday, January 10, 2014

Panzer III brothers..

This is my first publish of 2014.  I wish everyone a new year in which your dreams come true..

Im continuing to models again from braille.. And again same models :) I really liked that little sweet looking panzer.. If you remember, last month I finished one  gray painted pz III L from Revell.. I finished two more..

Here are the photos. ..

 First the gray..

 And then the white..

And together..

 Happy modelling...


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  2. İkiside birbirinden güzel Sancar. Eline sağlık.

  3. vuuu ben daha yeni gördüm bu güzel ikiliyi :) ellere sağlık


  4. Teşekkürler yorumlarınıza..

    Bence daha sık takip et Erhan Abi... Pişman olmayacaksın.. :))